EXTRA ONE YEAR WARRANTY (valued at $349)

KAT Walk C2 Plus Warranty Policy

KAT Walk Coord2 Limited Warranty Statement

KAT Walk Coord2 locomotion platform integrated solution Limited Warranty Statement Please read the following Limited Warranty Statement (hereinafter referred to as “Limited Warranty”) in order to be aware of your rights and obligations. An arbitration clause is included in this Limited Warranty.

By using any products and accessories based on KAT Walk Coord2 locomotion platform integrated solution (see the 《Product Warranty Information》attached to Limited Warranty for more details), you agree to be bound by Limited Warranty, including the disputes resolution provisions it contains.


Following definitions apply to Limited Warranty:

1.“Product” refers to the KAT Walk Coord2 locomotion platform integrated solution that consists of the main components, accessories and options.

2.“Main Components” refers to the base platform, sensors, metal structure, support rods, stabilizing feet and back support plate ,seat module,haptic module,included in the package at the time of purchase from an authorized dealer or KAT VR.

3.“Accessories” refers to other minor components that are delivered together with the product at the time of purchase and are included in the package, such as waist harness, Dedicated Shoes,Micro USB Wire,LED light,power adapter.

4.“Options” refers to components purchased additionally for a better and more immersive experience at time of the initial purchase or any time later, including: KAT PISystem adapter.

5.“You or yours” refers to the original purchaser of the product acquired from the retailer and/or the initial end user of the product.

6.“Warranty period” refers to the period of free after-sales servicing and is calculated from the date of invoice for the product or accessories. This period includes:

  • 12 months for the main components.
  • 6 months for accessories.
  • The early termination date of the warranty period of main components’ is the date when the authorized dealer or a third-party service provider designated by KAT VR provides you with your second repair service for the main components of the KAT Walk Coord2.
  • Warranty period for the accessories: common components and accessories have independent warranty period. After early termination of the warranty period of main components, the remaining term of the warranty period continues to apply to common components and accessories; namely, the warranty period of common components and accessories is not affected by the early termination of the warranty period of main components.

What is covered by this Limited Warranty?

During the warranty period, KAT VR warrants that the Products or Accessories will be free from defects in material and workmanship if used under normal conditions in accordance with theuser instructions as in the packaging box of the Products or Accessories or as in the instructions on the KAT VR official website.

Note that certain product components (for example, special shoes and waist harness) are designed to be worn and the product life of such components will vary depending on the amount of use. Normal wear and tear is specifically not covered by the Limited Warranty, and wearable accessories may need to be replaced more frequently than every six months, depending on the amount of use. KATVR has no responsibility for cost of replacement of such wearable components or accessories.

Limited Warranty is only given to you. If you transfer or grant the products and accessories specified in this Limited Warranty to other third party, the third-party entity is not a subject of the warranty service covered by this Limited Warranty. The third party takes full responsibility for any problems arising from product’s daily use and malfunctions.

Warranty content not covered by this Limited Warranty:

This limited Warranty does not apply to any product other than these specified in the attached《Product Warranty Information》. Therefore, this Limited Warranty does not apply to any non-KAT VR produced equipment or accessories and any non-KAT VR produced software even if these devices or software are labeled or used with the product. The corresponding warranty is provided by the third-party manufacturer, supplier or publisher, so you should contact them directly.

Under the following circumstances, even with respect to Products or Accessories you purchased, this Limited Warranty shall not apply:

  1. Failure caused by detachment or disconnection of the USB data cable, connecting cable or PC power adaptor without permission when the firmware or software of the KAT Walk Coord2 is being updated.
  1. The serial number, date code, watermark or warranty seal of KAT Walk C or accessories are erased, wiped out, painted, tampered or are illegible in any other way.
  1. Normal wear and tear of the surface of products or accessories.
  2. Performance loss of any consumable parts and accessories such as the battery, cushion or protective coating over time, except such performance loss arising out of any failure.
  1. Failures caused by improper installation by you or others, including but not limited to wear and tear, deformation and cracks due to noncompliance with correct installation procedure.
  1. Failures caused by improper handling by you or others when changing the site, including but not limited to deformation and cracks due to violent disassembly and unprotected handling by the transportation company.
  1. Malfunctions caused by electrical surge or other problems that are not attributable to products or accessories.
  1. Failures caused by non-compliance with the user manual or misuse under abnormal conditions.
  1. The use of products or accessories or the corrosion and oxidation of products or accessories caused by violent arrangement, outdoor use, placement of the product component in liquids or in humid, exceptionally hot or in any other way harsh environments.
  1. Modifications, disassembly, maintenance or repairs of the main structure, general components and accessories have been conducted by any unauthorized personnel.
  2. Malfunctions or defects (including but not limited to defects in consumable parts) were caused by accidents, natural forces or any other reasons beyond the reasonable control of KAT VR, unless such malfunctions or defects were caused directly by KAT VR's mistake.
  1. Cracks or scratches of the main components and/or accessories caused by mechanical damage.
  1. Interruption or error in the operation of the product or accessories due to problems with any computer or other third-party products that can be connected with the KAT VR products and accessories, which the authorized dealer or KAT cannot guarantee failure-free.
  1. Quality issues caused by the user’s failure to update the software or firmware in time. All software installed on the product, including but not limited to the operating system and/or firmware needs to be updated as soon as possible whenever an official update provided by KAT is available for download.
  1. Malfunction occurred to any product due to installation of non-authorized hardware and/or software or unsuccessful modification to the operating system performed by any third party other than KAT VR or authorized dealers. Any modifications other than these approved and authorized by KAT VR are prohibited.
  1. Product’s failure was caused due to use in a manner other than intended or because of connection of the main components or accessories with any component or accessory not approved or provided by KAT VR.

This limited Warranty is valid and enforceable only in the designated country of sale of the product or accessory (the list of designated countries of sale can be acquired on www.kat-vr.com). Furthermore, if the product or accessory is returned for repair in a country other than the designated country of sale under this Limited Warranty, KAT VR will endeavor to repair the product or accessory, but does not guarantee the result or compatibility with the wireless network connection outside the designated country of sale. Furthermore, different countries have different assurance services thus, the products are subject to registration requirements in the country of purchase.

How do I obtain warranty service?

In case of malfunctions of the product or accessories, you should take the following actions:

  1. Refer to the user manual and/or visit www.kat-vr.com for more information to identify and resolve issues. Please note that disassembly of the product or accessory may result in early termination of the warranty service under this Limited Warranty.
  1. If you cannot solve the problem by referring to the user manual and/or visiting the support page on www.kat-vr.com, you should contact the retailer or KAT VR service center where you purchased the product or accessory for further information and assistance. Be aware, that only KAT VR or KAT VR authorized service centers can perform repair services on products and accessories.
  1. When you contact the retailer or KAT VR, please ensure to provide the following information:

          - Model and serial number of the product or accessory.

          - Your current mailing address and contact information.

          - The original invoice, receipt or sales slip provided to you at time of product’s purchase.

  1. You must present a valid proof of purchase when you request any warranty service under this Limited Warranty. If a valid proof of purchase cannot be provided and the main structure had been produced more than 15 months before the date of the Warranty service request was applied (the accessories were produced more than six months before the date of the warranty request), the authorized distributor or KAT is not obligated to provide the warranty service under this declaration.
  2. After completing these steps, the authorized dealer or KAT VR will instruct you how and when to return the product or accessory. You may be charged with the shipment cost of returning the product or accessory to an authorized dealer or KAT.
  1. If you return the product or accessory within the warranty period and meet the terms of this Limited Warranty, KAT VR or its authorized agent will repair or replace the product or accessory at its sole discretion. Repair or replacement may involve use of the same products and/or components. KAT VR or an authorized dealer will return the product or accessory that has been repaired or replaced and is in good working order. Any products, accessories or parts that were replaced in accordance with the terms of this Limited Warranty will become the property of KAT VR.
  1. If you agree to return the parts requiring replacement to KAT VR at time of KAT VR’s request, KAT VR may choose to provide you with spare parts that you can install on your own to fulfill the KAT VR obligations under this Limited Warranty.
  1. KAT VR reserves the right to provide the warranty service only in the country of sale of the product or accessory. You are entitled to maintenance services and repairs under this Limited Warranty provided that you notify KAT VR of any malfunctions during the applicable warranty period. Do not return your product or accessories to KAT VR unless you were instructed to. If your product or accessories require servicing and you need to return them, you must initially follow the above steps.

Replacement and return

Unless otherwise agreed by KAT VR, replacement or return of the product will not be possible after purchase.

Unless otherwise instructed by KAT VR, you should return all products (including but not limited to all accessories, parts, packaging materials, promotional items, etc.) at time of the replacement or return. The replaced products, parts and all other materials are the property of KAT VR. Provided replacement parts may not be brand new but will have the same quality of performance as if they were, and the function will not be inferior to the replaced ones. However, should the warranty provisions of any applicable law have different requirements for replacement parts, such requirements will be fulfilled to the extent of the legal warranty and the replacement parts will take over the service status of the replaced parts (the actual situation may be different according to local laws and regulations).

Before replacing the product or its parts, you should:

  1. Remove all materials that are not covered by the warranty, such as parts that are not factory-configured, modified parts, etc.
  1. Ensure that the product or its components are not subject to any legal obligations or restrictions that impede their replacement;
  1. If the product or some of it part are not yours, you should obtain a license from the owner to allow the product to be serviced.

What you need to do:

Where applicable, after purchasing the product and before we provide the service, you should:

  1. Comply with the service application procedures specified by the service provider, for example: product registration.
  1. Back up all programs and data in the product or ensure their safety.
  2. Provide all necessary support and cooperation to the service provider in order for the service provider to perform the repairs.
  1. Ensure that all legally protected personal information has been removed from the product. Please note: We are not responsible for any confidential, proprietary or personal information contained in your products. You should delete or back up all such information before sending the product for the repair or return.

Disclaimer and limitation of other warranties and rights

To the fullest extent permitted by law, this Limited Warranty and the remedies set by it are exclusive and in line with all other warranties, remedies and conditions. KAT VR excludes all legal and implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and without any latent defects.

Limits of liability

Unless otherwise provided in this Limited Warranty and to the fullest extent permitted by law, KAT VR shall not incur consequences of any incidental or consequential loss or damage of any kind (including but not limited to loss of profits or business loss, business interruption, loss of business information, loss of data, loss of responsibility, loss of privacy or loss of confidential information). Notwithstanding the foregoing, and even if any relief fails to meet its intended purpose, the entire liability of KAT VR and its suppliers under any provision of this Limited Warranty shall be limited to the amount actually paid by the customer for the purchase of the product. These exclusive rules should apply even if KAT VR has been informed that such losses may occur.

Agreement upon consent to settlement of disputes by arbitration

All disputes in any form arising from the Limited Warranty, conditions or the use of the product or accessories shall be submitted to the Hangzhou Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of the association. The arbitration shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China, and the arbitral award is final and binding for both KAT VR and you.

If you intend to seek arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, you should first notify KAT VR in writing 30 days prior to the desired arbitration time. The above notice shall be sent to the following address of KAT VR Company: Hangzhou Virtual and Reality Technology Co., Ltd., 9th Floor, Building 6, Artificial Intelligence Town, No. 1818-2, Wenyi West Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China Post Code: 311121.

Likewise, if KAT VR intends to settle any dispute by arbitration as specified above, KAT VR shall also notify you in writing 30 days prior to the desired arbitration time. Such notice shall explain the nature of the claim and remedy sought. If both sides fail to resolve the dispute within 30 days, you or KAT VR may file an arbitration request. Except where your request is considered too frivolous and meaningless, KAT VR will pay for any application fee for initiating the arbitral procedures and any administrative and arbitration fees subsequently charged by the arbitral institution. If your arbitration request is deemed to be too frivolous or maliciously motivated, KAT VR will not be responsible for the arbitration fees.

Unless you have notified KAT VR in writing that you do not agree for the arbitration by not less than 30 calendar days from the date of purchase of the product or accessory, the agreement to solve the disputes by arbitration will apply where applicable. in the notice to KAT VR you must provide (a) your name and address; (b) the date you purchased the product or accessory; (c) the product modelnumber; and (d) the serial number of the product or accessory. These numbers should be visible on the product packaging as well as on the product or accessory itself. You should send your written notice to KAT VR at the following address:

Hangzhou Virtual and Reality Technology Co., LTD. Building 6, No.1818-2, West Wenyi Road, Yuhang  Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

Notices that you make in any other forms will not apply to the arbitration agreement and will be void. Even If you decide not to agree to arbitration, thus Limited Warranty will still apply to you.

General provisions

  1. Application of Law: Limited Warranty applies to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

Severability: Unless otherwise specified, if any provision of Limited Warranty is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the laws of the People's Republic of China, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the enforceability of the other terms of Limited Warranty.