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KAT Walk mini S - VR Arcade & Training Treadmill Coming in July 2021!

We are thrilled to announce the soon release of the KAT Walk mini S - our second-generation Omni-Directional VR Treadmill optimized entirely for Virtual Reality Arcades, Industrial Training adopters and other professional VR users. With a unique combination of multiple cutting-edge technologies tailored to VR business needs, we aim to revolutionize the way Virtual Reality is experienced!

KAT Walk Mini S - Haptic Feedback VR Treadmill

Most Advanced VR Locomotion Solution

Integrating our enhanced natural walking technology with the force of haptic feedback, upgraded ergonomics that provide a higher freedom in motion and multiple other improvements, the mini S offers the most complete and advanced virtual reality locomotion experience. It brings you physically into immersive and realistic Virtual Reality environments



Enhanced Walking Simulation Technology

The mini S offers the highest level of natural walking simulation. The platform as well as the ergonomic structure of the device have been optimized to support the real bio-mechanical pattern or human gait letting you experience the Virtual Reality on a whole new level with full physicality of VR locomotion. 

Walk into realistic virtual adventures

Run like wild in magical worlds

Sprint your way through virtual battlefields


The mini S also allows for the most realistic and highly effective Virtual Reality Training sessions. Natural movement in VR improves the cognitive capability of the trainee and is proven to help the brain record the training session as a true memory making it a perfect fit for walking simulation in multiple fields from Firefighting, through Police Training to Military Applications and many others!

Haptic Feedback - Feel the Events of Your Virtual Surroundings

The power of haptic feedback module integrated directly with the KAT Walk mini S walking platform unlocks the highest level of immersive VR experience by letting you FEEL physically the virtual events such as gunshots, explosions or earthquakes.

The mini S vibration feedback is automatically compatible with all events designed to trigger hand controller vibrations, making it not only a great match for Arcades and Training adopters but also for developers who can easily and quickly design vibration events.

Enhanced Open Ergonomics - Higher Range of Actions

Our innovative, open ergonomic design has been upgraded with an extra degree of freedom in the waist area, allowing for the maximum range of body movements 

Walk in a more natural position

Bend over to reach virtual objects

Squat to pick items up

Kneel down to take cover

KAT Walk mini S

Our unique open construction not only ensures safe and smooth body movements but also provides maximum range of limbs with no mechanical components ever getting in your way. 

Optimized Entirely for VR Business

Mini S is a complete solution customized entirely for Virtual Reality professionals. We have designed it to not only revolutionize the way we move through virtual environments, but also solve all the major problems VR adopters have to face

1. Maximum use of your minimum space

The mini S walking platform integrates infinite virtual walking space in a single physical spot in reality, letting you maximize the benefits from each square meter of the available area. 

2. Easy Operation - Minimum staff requirements

Our VR equipment is easy to use and operate to anyone even without any technical background and experience. Mini S comes with a standardized software platform that lets you operate the device with just a few clicks. 

There is more - with our software solution - KAT VRMIS, one person will be able to operate multiple devices from a single computer. 

3. Integration with Professional Arcade Management Platforms

The mini S is compatible with SpringboardVR and SynthesisVR, allowing you to control your entire arcade and all the related equipment with a single software platform.

4. Wide Customer Base

The device is highly adaptive to different body types and can be used by almost anyone.

Contact us and Learn More!

The mini S is now officially available for purchase - the first orders are expected to ship out in July 2021. Get in touch with us to learn more and get a pricing quotation for delivery to your region: