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KAT WALK C Goes Live on June 21 - Everything You Need to Know!

KAT Walk C, the world's first personal VR treadmill is launching on the Kickstarter platform very soon! We are going live on June 21st, 7AM Los Angeles time. Having the last questions before the campaign begins? Wondering how does the Kickstarter platform work?

This brief guide includes everything you need to know before we start!

 When can you get your own KAT Walk C?

KAT Walk C will become available in just about a day! Be quick and don't miss the chance to get it on the Kickstarter! We are going live on June 21st - 7 AM, Los Angeles Time! Refer to the image below for more accurate information about your own time-zone!

How much does the KAT Walk C cost? What's the Kickstarter price?

The actual retail price of the KAT Walk C will be announced after the Kickstarter campaign. By joining our crowdfunding on the Kickstarter, you will get your KAT Walk C a few hundred USD below that price. 

According to the spirit of the Kickstarter platform, participants of the campaign have the opportunity to join their forces with the campaign creator and together make their common dream come true. Backers will be able to share their feedback, discuss the product, and even suggest some changes to it!

In return for their help, the project creator rewards them with the product that they helped bring to reality! Those who join the project early will enjoy a higher early-bird discount. Refer to the table below to learn more about the discount tiers of the KAT Walk C campaign!

How to get KAT Walk C for just $699?

Be sure to join our project as soon as we launch, the early-bird rewards are expected to be sold out very quickly! Prepare your Kickstarter account in advance and save some time for the moment we go live! 

You will be able to find our campaign directly on the Kickstarter by searching for "KAT WALK C" as soon as we launch - on June 21st 7AM Los Angeles time.

As soon as we launch, the link to the campaign will be also shared on our social media and sent via e-mail to everyone who has subscribed to our newsletter!

Not sure how to use the Kickstarter? Refer to our quick guide that you can download here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zebvzgmsR1ytKnlgWqw4iI2Zt8Vwp3rG/view?usp=sharing

Is the Kickstarter safe?

Absolutely! The money will only be taken from your account AFTER the project is successfully funded - that is, after July 30th. Till that time you can cancel your pledge to our project at any moment. We have also successfully used the Kickstarter platform twice in the past! KAT Walk C is our third project!

With your help we are going to bring it to live! Get ready and stay tuned!