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KAT Walk C Becomes the Most Funded VR Peripheral Ever!

We are really excited and thrilled to announce that KAT Walk C – The World’s First Personal VR Treadmill has just become the most funded VR Peripheral ever! In the history of virtual reality crowdfunding, only two projects achieved a larger success, both of which were VR headsets – The original Oculus Rift and Pimax.

Within just 40 days, the KAT Walk C campaign has been joined by 1,400 wonderful Virtual Reality enthusiasts who pledged almost 1.7 million USD to bring the project to reality. We would have never achieved this grand success without their support, trust and dedication for which we will always be grateful!

With the KAT Walk C project successfully funded, we are entering the new chapter of our adventure with Virtual Reality Locomotion. We are thrilled to explore all of the new possibilities that open for us with the development of the new generation virtual reality treadmill. 

However, before we truly enter that chapter, we would like to make a promise to the entire virtual reality community all over the world – We will never rest on laurels. This is not the end of our hard work. There are many new challenges ahead of us and there is much work yet to be done.

Today we celebrate, but tomorrow we return to our posts, and we won’t rest until the development of the KAT Walk C is successfully finished and our new solution becomes well established on the virtual reality market. We won’t rest until we successfully develop the additional stretch goals which have become unlocked by our Kickstarter community, the most important and challenging of which are the Keyboard and Gamepad mode, and haptic feedback module installed in the product base. We won’t rest until the KAT Walk C lives up to all of our promises. And even then, we won’t cease to chase new innovations.

Months of hard work lay ahead of us, but after the grand success of the KAT Walk C Kickstarter project, we know we can reach the sky!

Special thanks to our Kickstarter community, media partners, and everyone else who helped us prove what we have known for a long time – the era of Virtual Reality is already here!