EXTRA ONE YEAR WARRANTY (valued at $349)

KAT Walk C 2 Campaign Rounded Off with 2.1 Million Reached!

We are so thrilled to announce the successful funding of the KAT Walk C 2! 

Thanks to the active support and participation from the supporters and the whole VR community, the KAT Walk C 2 Kickstarter campaign has now drawn to a breathtaking end!


Within just one month between May 14 and June 13, our C 2 crowdfunding project has been supported by 1411 virtual reality zealots who pledged over 2.1 million USD to bring our common VR dream into reality! Thanks goes to all of our Kickstarter supporters and VR enthusiasts who joined us on our journey!


The successful end of the C 2 campaign is just the foundation stone for the future! We’ll take all the encouragement, feedback, praise and criticism that we received throughout the campaign as the wheels of progress and continue to explore the capabilities of the KAT Walk C 2 solution to bring more improvements and surprises for VR lovers in near future!


The Pre-Sale Goes On!

As our Kickstarter campaign wrapped up, the pre-sale of KAT Walk C 2 will continue on our official website. Only by July 31, our second-generation VR omni-directional treadmill is available $200 off from the retail price!

$1098 for the KAT Walk C 2

$1298 for the KAT Walk C 2+