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KAT VR’s proud contribution to the 19th Asian Olympics in Hangzhou via Mini S VR Treadmill!

The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou concluded on October 8th, and we are thrilled to have been invited as one of the representatives of hi-tech companies in Hangzhou, sharing our technology with Asian athletes and visitors from around the world. It has been an absolute honor to be a part of the Games and witness its successful conclusion!


Smart Technologies have been a core theme of the Asian Games, taking the competition to new and innovative heights compared to traditional sports. This time, e-sports were officially recognized as an Olympic Event, sparking immense excitement and anticipation among e-sports enthusiasts. However, e-sport is not just limited to PC gaming! We have gladly surprised athletes with an unprecedented VR e-sports experience using the KAT Walk Mini S Omnidirectional VR treadmill.


What is the KAT Walk Mini S, and what makes it special?

The KAT Walk Mini S is an immersive all-in-one VR locomotion device applicable in fields such as training, education and also sport and gaming. The excitement and deep immersion coming from physical participation in the game content and the benefit of physical fitness can both be enjoyed on a single device which effectively combines actual sport with the gaming experience.


  • Unlimited Physical Movements & Infinite Space for Movement

The mini-S supports all physical actions throughout the entire gaming session, allowing users to walk or run for miles in the virtual world from a single spot on the treadmill without any space limitations.


  • Full Body Engagement & Immersive Human-Machine Interaction

Walking, running, crouching, and turning around on the treadmill with your own feet and body ensures your movements and actions in reality align with those in the virtual environment, making the natural and realistic VR experience a real thing! 


Moreover, the haptic feedback functions that echo with specific events such as explosions further enhance the immersion to a higher level. Not only does your body actively participate in the experience but it is also stimulated with haptic sensations, making the experience closer to actual interaction with real environment.


  • Realistic Virtual Simulations with Zero Safety Hazards

Realistic VR simulations are one of the main missions of KAT Walk Mini S treadmill and have been already applied in many fields! 


Combined with dedicated content for different applications, the mini S enhances users' safety awareness and professional competence through tailored training in virtual scenarios without directly exposing them to real accident scenes, thus minimizing safety hazards to a significant extent. Additionally, the ergonomically designed harness ensures safety throughout the entire experience, increasing the sense of security in both the virtual and real worlds.


That said, the potential of the Mini S extends beyond VR gaming to practical industrial applications! And we are excited to see our creation applied into an experience dedicated to professional athletes during the Asian Olympics!


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