KAT VR’S BIGGEST Update:100+ NEW Meta Quest Games Compatibility!

Are you a Meta Quest adventurer awaiting the KAT VR ship to embark onto a standalone journey? Planning your gaming odyssey in the immersive VR worlds of Assassins' Creed: Nexus, Bonelab, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, and dozens of others? Here’s a news better than that - we’re bringing you into NOT a dozen but close to 100 NEW VR games!

Innovating the VR gaming is our constant drive - especially when we can prioritize the improvements in user experience! We're incredibly excited to unveil our largest stride forward - huge experience boost for for Meta standalone users! All thanks to the latest improvements in our KAT Nexus!

BIG SURPRISE! Compatibility improvement is not all!

With our upcoming software update going live in the following days, the users of C2 VR treadmills gain access to:

  • Expanded Adventure Library - Limitless Enjoyment Awaits!

Brace yourself for 100+ NEW Meta Quest games heading to KAT enthusiasts - Including the latest and most popular titles such as Assassins' Creed: Nexus! 

Getting excited with the sneak peek? Check out the list of compatible and upcoming games HERE.

The game list is under update and may not yet display all the compatible titles - more games will be added in the following days. If your favorite game is not on the list, be sure to check back soon!

  • Simplified User Experience - Uninterrupted Thrills in VR Games!

KAT Gateway will seamlessly support you on your adventure from the background after a simple patch! Just patch your games with 1 click in our software to support KAT VR treadmill locomotion input and hop down the VR rabbit hole to embark on your new quest without any delay!


  • Complete Support for Meta Quests - Including Meta Quest 3!

No matter which generation your Meta Quest belongs to, we've got you covered! Official confirmation of Quest 3 compatibility means you can now immerse yourself in the VR realm with the latest offerings from Meta and KAT VR's C2 series, embracing the ultimate VR experience!




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