Join The KAT Gateway 2.0 Beta Testing!!! MORE Features & MORE Fun!

Exciting news for all KAT-Walkers! We have never ceased our steps to bring a better solution to all the VR zealots who share the same VR dream with us! We have been forging ahead amain without rest, to take both our hardware AND software to the next level! Having brought KAT Walk C 2 - the new generation of VR treadmill into reality earlier this year, we are NOW here to reveal another surprise for you, the 2nd generation of our dedicated software - KAT Gateway 2.0 has just went live - We are releasing the beta version and would like to invite everyone to join us and share feedback to help us polish it to perfection! Wanna know what’s new, compared to the 1.0 version?


Check out the new features:



Gateway 2.0 integrates all the KAT VR consumer products with Oculus Home for PCVR, that is to say, all Oculus exclusive Free Locomotion games are NOW available to play freely with all our products! Explore the biggest Oculus VR titles such as Stormlands, Journey of the Gods and much more! If you encounter any problem with any game, please feel free to let us know - we'll do our best to take care of it in no time!




KAT Gateway 2.0 will soon bring you access to several KAT native games. As we promised during the recent Kickstarter campaign of KAT Walk C 2, free games would be granted to all KATers as an extra gift if the specific stretch goal is reached. Thanks to the support from all of our C2 backers who made it happen, NOW it’s time for us to fulfill our promise! We have integrated them into the 2.0 version, where you can download them directly and test with your KAT Device! We wish all the KATers some great fun with it! 


3.KAT Walker Community! (Under Gradual Development)

Surprises are more than these! The largest new feature brought by the KAT Gateway 2.0 is the NEW KAT Walker Community! Within the new tab we have integrated numerous features requested in the past by the community, as well as many new functions designed to enhance your user experience! We dedicate them all to each of our supporters who have been sharing constructive feedback with us over the years – we always hear you! Check out what new software features we have updated and integrated in the KAT Walker community!


  •  KAT Support Forum(Under Gradual Development)

You can now see our support notices and soon enough you’ll be able to get both official support and mutual help from other KATers directly in our software! Met some problems when using the device? Just raise them here! Our after-sale team would always be ready to provide you with quick and professional trouble-shooting. Have some feedback and suggestions to share with us? Leave us a message here! We are all ears all the time! KATers can also help each other and realize a friendly information exchange in the forum.

  • Game Mods Tab

Created some experience-enhancing and interesting modifications to your favorite VR game? Improved the game support of Free Locomotion and thus its performance with the KAT devices? Wanna share it with other KAT-Walking enthusiasts? Not a problem in the KAT Gateway 2.0! You will soon be able to upload the mods via our software, then all the other KATers will be free to download them and enjoy the game with an enhanced experience!

  • Setting sharing option

Creative genius is always welcomed by the KATVR community! One of the features requested the most by our users in the past was an ability to share setting configurations with other KATers. Being wild about exploring and customizing setting configuration for specific games? You will soon be able to share your favorite settings with the entire community by uploading the configuration in our software! We’re sure you’ll meet some kindred spirits here to test your favorite settings!



  • KAT Developer platform

Developers are always welcome to join us! All devs will soon be able to integrate their games with our platform and share them with all the VR zealots using our products! Upload your games or game demos and see if they’ll be the top games liked by the community!  

  • Improved KAT Health Center

From now on, KAT Gateway aids you better on your fitness journey! It is now possible to check your real-time and all-time work out records and get a more detailed data report in KAT Gateway 2.0. Don’t forget to share your impressive ranking with us :D


The KAT Gateway 2.0 Beta with tons of new features, and more coming in the future has just went LIVE! Feel free to explore it and feed us back if you have any fresh ideas and suggestions! Join us for the beta testing! If you encounter any problem with any game, settings or just would like to share any other suggestions, please feel free to let us know!


PS: For KAT Walk C 2(+) users, the Gateway 2.0 will be required. But for users of all the previous KAT consumer products (KAT Walk C, KAT Loco, and KAT Loco S), both KAT Gateway 1.0 & KAT Gateway 2.0 Beta are available at first. The 1.0 version may be more stable than the 2.0 version at launch since it is still in a public testing phase - you are free to choose which version of the software you’d like to use! The Gateway 2.0 will gradually replace the previous versions once it leaves the public beta!