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Independent Control Over Hands and Feet Revolutionizes the Way We Play VR

With ever-growing VR gaming market driving the development of new, immersive VR hardware and the new, more complex gaming content, the need for more freedom in the way we experience Virtual Reality adventures continues to grow as well! Additionally, more advanced combat systems require more micro-operations and physical interactions which don't go well in pair with locomotion control. Simply speaking - we're getting our thumbs tangled to control all the actions with buttons and joysticks.

Being dedicated to developing more and more advanced VR treadmills over the years, we have always hoped to solve this problem by splitting the hand and foot control in VR. Because it is not only more intuitive and immersive to control your locomotion with your feet as in the real life. It also unleashes your hands from controlling the body movement! And you are definitely going to need that freedom in VR battles and more!

Wanna know how exactly independent hand and foot control in VR affects gaming experience? Check out 5 things that it REVOLUTIONIZES in an immersive game such as Zenith VR MMO!


1. Realism of controlling each body part with... your actual body part - legs for legs, hands for hands. Deeper, more immersive experience! You can fight like wild or shoot the approaching enemies while running, and at the same time, you can look around to avoid a surprise attack from your back. More realistic and complete VR interactions boost realism and immersion in any VR adventure!

2. Intuitiveness in all in-game interactions - each action can be carried out without thinking what you’re doing! Surrounded and need to run for your life? Then RUN! Totally immersed in your exp hunt and trying to kick some a***? GO FOR IT! No worries for mixing up the controls, no worries for making the wrong action, AND no worries for more complex operations, just act in the way you do in real life!

3. The freedom of hands in battles and combats - More multitasking for better performance! When you truly free your hands from complex button operations, you’ll be able to totally own your opponents in any battle - surround them while using the full capacity of your hands for swinging a sword or casting spells to beat them up till they’re completely at your mercy. Separation of hand and feet control in MMO RPGs practically improves your battle skills helping to defeat more enemies, gather exp and level up more faster!


4. But freedom of hands in battle gives you something else too - Better Reaction Speed! Get into action more smoothly in any fast-paced games. Carry out all actions with faster speed and higher efficiency!


5. Overall body exercise is an extra benefit - Connecting Gaming with Fun - Games such as Zenith with vast and open maps offer much to explore and now we need to use our legs to do it! Playing Beat Saber after a long and exhausting week to relax your mind and burn calories is no longer the only option! Stretch your legs on a true VR journey.. or simply walk around while admiring stunning views in another, magical world. Your body will thank you for that!


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