Exclusive SynthesisVR Membership for KAT Arena Users! 20% Off KAT Arena for SynthesisVR Clients!

We are thrilled to announce that our cooperation with SynthesisVR has just entered the next phase. Together with our partners, we aim to deliver a complete hardware & software package – the ultimate answer for the high needs of VR LBE business. The offer is especially dedicated to virtual reality arcades, e-sport zones, and any other professional and commercial VR users.

Benefit from KAT VR - SynthesisVR Partnership!

Thanks to the generous offer our partners, the very first 15 orders of KAT VRMIS Arena will be rewarded with a lifetime 25% discount for SynthesisVR membership! In addition, all KAT VRMIS users will be given 3 months of FREE subscription as well as extended premium support including full assistance on weekends and priority support queue!

At the same time, all users of SynthesisVR can now purchase our arena 20% off! The solution includes everything you need to host unforgettable E-Sport events and competitions – the arena construction itself, control station, omni-directional treadmills, lighting system and much more! Discount applies to all the items included in KAT VRMIS. Contact us at to learn more about the available packages and get a price quote.

SynthesisVR – Smart Management Solution for your VR Business

SynthesisVR is a complete arcade management platform that automatizes and simplifies your work to minimize the staff requirements while maximizing the profit margin and improving the quality of service you offer to your clients. And that’s not all. Besides the improvement of your business efficiency, SynthesisVR provides many other utilities and amenities that make hard tasks a piece of cake.

What do you get with SynthesisVR Membership?

SynthesisVR membership grants you increased customer retention, scalability and ultimate user experience. Our partners provide all the management tools that you may need to successfully run your VR Arcade, including:

  • Arcade automation system

Automated game changer, in-depth reports for usage and financials, QR codes, voice prompts and many other features that help your arcade automate most of the functions by increasing efficiency and reducing your overhead cost.

  • Centralized booking

Accept bookings online, walk-ins and over the phone. SynthesisVR also helps you integrate all the popular merchant providers making it easy for your customers to book online

  • In-built waiver & Integrated customer management platform

Track all your customers, receive their feedback and effectively target new clients through Facebook. Customer base growth pattern proved successful in LBE business all over the world. 

  • Commercial game licensing

A complete online marketplace that creates a dialog between the developers and arcades with features like multifaceted billing options. Add popular games like Arizona Sunshine and Raw Data in minutes.

  • Live video streaming system

With real-time gameplay and customer recording, YouTube and twitch streaming, you can not only deliver the best immersive experience but also capture it in real-time, etching your arcade in the customer’s memory

  • Interactive voice chat.

Customers from the same group can conveniently interact with each other for a much more immersive and enjoyable experience even if they aren’t playing the same game.

  • AND MORE! Click HERE to find out!

Why does your VR Arcade Need KAT VRMIS?

KAT VRMIS (Multiplayer Infinite Space) is a cutting-edge virtual reality gaming arena customized to effectively meet the requirements of modern E-Sport. Our system breaks the limitations of time and space allowing many players to simultaneously enter the same digital world and together experience unforgettable adventures in VR. The omnidirectional treadmill applied in KAT VRMIS work in 6DOF making infinite and unrestricted physical actions possible on even the smallest spaces!

And our technology is not only way more immersive than traditional thumbstick-controlled locomotion solutions but also much safer and more space-efficient than free roam arenas that require vast empty spaces. With KAT VRMIS your customers will experience the true future of VR gaming and come back for more! That’s right, that means sustainable long-term profit source for your business!

What do You Get as an Owner of KAT VRMIS Arena?

With KAT VRMIS you receive a complete plug & play hardware solution optimized for maximum space usage with minimum staff requirement. It is integrated with SynthesisVR platform and can be completely managed with our partners’ software. And there is more:

  • Application of KAT Walk mini VR Treadmills

KAT VRMIS utilizes the world’s first and only non-restrictive omni-directional treadmills. KAT Walk mini allows for deeply immersive walking, running, strafing and even jumping crouching and sitting down. Our smart protection system keeps the user balanced at all times without restricting the freedom of motion. It is also user-adaptive and simple in use. Click HERE to learn more.

  • Universal Content Compatibility

Besides a number of carefully selected and deeply integrated games, KAT Walk mini stations in our arena are compatible with all SteamVR Free Locomotion content.

  • Single Control Station

The entire arena with multiple treadmills can be easily managed even by a single staff member to ensure maximum profitability and minimum management costs.

  • Quick & Simple Preparation Procedure

KAT Walk mini treadmills that come with VRMIS are equipped with contactless sensors that are built-in directly into the treadmill construction allowing the user to jump straight into virtuality without wearing and calibrating any foot sensors.

  • Expandable, Customizable and Adaptive

KAT VRMIS is optimized to provide high management freedom and allow for system adaptation to the needs of the specific arcade. The entire system is modular and supports multiple setups (2/4/6/8/12/16 or even more treadmills)

  • Multi-Screen Display System

Our system can display the virtual adventures of your visitors onto multiple LCD screens! Use it to host professional-level competitions or other VR gaming events and keep the spectators entertained at all times!

  • AND MORE! Click HERE to find out!

SynthesisVR & KAT VR Synergy

The combination of our technological advantages allows for more. Benefit from the unique synergy that VRMIS Arena and SynthesisVR Platform offer to your VR business and stand out among your local competitors. And remember – the lifetime 25% discount for SynthesisVR Membership is limited to first 15 locations that order KAT VRMIS

This offer is available WORLDWIDE. Contact us for more details by filling out the contact form on our website or get in touch directly at