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A University in Poland Adopts our VR Treadmill for Human Computer Interaction Course

Recently, the University of Technology and Humanities in Bielsko-Biała(ATH) established a lab which provides courses related to human-computer interaction(HMI) with the adoption of a VR treadmill - the original KAT Walk C.

Students are able to learn the new ways of HMI in this course not only with some traditional technologies, but also with the newest inventions like VR headset, VR controllers as well as recently one of the KAT's VR treadmills - KAT Walk C as shown in the picture above. The combination of VR technologies into an ultimate immersion and interaction setup brings a deeper experience of HMI and provides a better level of understanding to the lucky students who get the chance to test it out. During the classes they can dive entirely into the VR world and experience it in full now that body and foot movement can be both tracked and you can actually FEEL the virtual world under your feet!

More and more new ways of application of VR treadmills have shown us the countless possibilities that open when we add the extra layer of realism. Not only does it bring immersive and realistic VR gaming experience to the VR zealots, but also emerges new advantages to the modern approach to science, training many other fields. Regardless of whether it comes to disaster evacuation drills or HMI education, KAT VR's equipment allows you to experience more, improve your results and achieve maximum efficiency in safe, infinite and well controlled environment that still feels like an actual experience in the real life. We are looking forward to seeing more innovations it will bring us soon!