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VR Treadmill is Leading the Future and New Era for VR Fitness!

Under a less optimistic climate of the global pandemics, doing exercise at home has gradually become a new choice for many fitness lovers but also to more and more of traditional gamers seeking a way to stay healthy. This ever-growing trend has inspired dozens of new VR games and applications which now offer a more interesting exercise alternative - VR fitness. After all, who would refuse an opportunity to lose some pounds while having fun? However, it is far from enough just with a VR headset and controllers. There is more! Read to find out 5 reasons to use VR Treadmill in Fitness!


But first of all, why should you even use VR for fitness?


1. Low space requirements

    VR fitness only requires small amount of space compared to running in a sport field, or exercising in a fitness center. Your gaming cave can now contain a tennis court! Or an archery range! But it still works best for stationary sports without giving you the freedom to truly activate your legs.


    2. Higher level of safety

      VR fitness can bring you a higher level of safety compared to the traditional ways of exercising, protecting the users from potential injuries like muscle strain, etc. Especially if you’re into extreme sports.. or into swinging an axe around! But even then, you are still prone to other hidden dangers, such as smashing your controller onto the wall, hitting the furniture or falling down.


      3. More fun & longer exercise sessions

      Let exercise become an adventure! VR fitness helps the users to get a more interesting experience of getting fit while simultaneously enjoying their VR adventures. This helps to keep away the anxiety and pressure related to hitting a specific target – run for at least XX miles in an hour, complete at least xxx rope skips in xx minutes..., and so on. The freedom to JUST ENJOY your time liberates you from the tedious rules of traditional exercise, and stimulates your motivation to enjoy longer session of zero-burden exercise! But how much better could it be if you could totally forget about the reality? Immersion gets a true boost when you can actually WALK into the adventure!


      4. Convenient, and without social pressure

        VR fitness brings you the convenience of exercising comfortably whenever you want! And it’s a great option for many of us who deal with anxiety – We no longer need to push ourselves to go out to public sport venues, but can instead exercise on our own or with our friends in a personal comfort zone. But when choosing home exercise over professional venues you’re missing out on the equipment that lets you most efficiently practice the lower zones of your body. A VR treadmill not only gives you a pair of true VR legs to set off for an adventure, but substitutes the actual gym equipment.


        5. More efficient & Time saving

          Fitness & happiness? You can get them both! VR fitness helps you achieve many things at one stroke – making more efficient and time-saving exercise a reality! Everyone can now enjoy their daily workout and daily gaming sessions at once! But what if you could do more than that? What if you could truly enjoy a realistic stroll in Skyrim VR or a trip through the vast wasteland of Fallout 4? Combine relaxation, fitness and entertainment through full physical presence in the virtual reality that you can achieve immersively on a VR treadmill




          We all know everything has its merit and demerits, thus keeping fit merely with VR headsets and controllers is not all roses. Not only such a VR experience lacks on many points we have listed above. While still fun, it is incomplete in the very core.


          First of all, movement without a VR treadmill It is heavily space-limited due to the Roomscale setting restrains, which means you still need to clear out a part of your room and dedicate it exclusively to the gaming area when you’re in VR. But even when you do, you are still prone to injuries if not being careful enough with the guardian. You may run into the walls, hit the furniture or stumble over wires or other things since you are kind of isolated from the world outside of the headset. And the higher the immersion the lower your awareness of the world around you.


          Speaking of immersion - as for VR fitness, the motivation to continue regular sessions is somehow in direct proportion to how immersive you can feel in the VR experience. Thus, simply with a headset and two controllers, it is hard to get your full body activated and interact with the virtuality immersively, same as when practicing real sports, which will somewhat dilute your persistence. And since you can only get your upper body involved in movement at most time of the VR experience, you may still need to take extra time to carry out the lower body exercise if you wanna get yourself a comprehensive physical training. After all, you don’t wanna skip your leg day, do you?


          While with a VR treadmill, everything will be different, it will help you scale new heights in VR fitness experience!


          So, what's special about exercising with a VR treadmill?


          VR ODT brings much more of surprising benefits into VR fitness besides all the common advantages that the other VR hardware possesses!


          Space limitation won't ever be a problem again! Unlimited movement and actions can be easily realized in a single spot on the treadmill platform. You can get your private sports center and adventure zone 2in1 on a VR treadmill which only needs 1.2m2.


          Full-body immersion & exercise are all yours! Your whole body will get fully interactive on a VR treadmill - walking, running, jumping and doing any other actions that are needed in your real exercising scenarios – now combined with a realistic VR adventure. Without ever worrying about security issues that may occur when wearing a VR headset. You'll be firmly protected by the safety waist belt what allows you to unleash all of your energy and truly forget about the reality. More joy and more power to make your workout session more complete and filled with more fun!


          Let's see what actual users have to say about their VR fitness journey!




            KAT VR has just recently held a fitness story-sharing competition! Many of our users took an active participation and sent their fitness stories to us. We’re super happy and excited to see such significant and inspiring changes that our VR treadmill has brought to their daily fitness routine and their lives. We believe that facts speak louder than words, and now thanks to their real experience, we can see even more proof of how practical VR fitness becomes with a VR treadmill.


            VR Fitness might be the Future! And VR Treadmill does take us a step closer to it!


            In a nutshell, proved by the feedback from the users of our VR treadmills, we can say with certainty that VR is no longer a thing that sounds so cool and tailored just for immersive gaming. It is a new and effective choice for anyone of us who wants to keep fit in a more convenient and interesting way, while taking a trip into virtual world. And with a VR treadmill, you can yield twice the results with half the effort! We are expecting to see VR fitness with an omni-directional treadmill to be accepted by more people and thus bring new possibilities into people’s lives! And we are eager to see if more people could give exercise with VR treadmill a try, we are sure you’ll be amazed with the result!