KAT Walk C 2 Core - The Ultimate Solution for VR Motion Sickness is Here!

Have you ever struggled with VR motion sickness having no clue about what to do or where to turn? KAT VR is here to save your VR gaming experience from motion sickness with an all-in-one solution—the KAT Walk C 2 Core VR gaming treadmill!

Is the KAT Walk C 2 Core the perfect solution for those plagued by VR motion sickness? As the latest outcome integrating all our core technologies of natural locomotion, it undertakes the mission to help more VR enthusiasts embark on their VR gaming journey in an ideal way.

A must-try if you suffer from motion sickness while being obsessed with sandbox games!

Enamored with sandbox games but never able to fully enjoy them? Feeling sick before you can immerse yourself in the storyline? We understand your frustration!

Extensive player-controlled movements are necessary during the lengthy exploration in sandbox games. While various movements can be performed with hand controllers and seen through your eyes, your entire body would just be a speculator and unable to truly engage in the process.  You are about to feel uncomfortable after a while and have to stop with reconciliation and let this repeat time after time.


But now, with the C 2 Core being available to more gamers across the world, lack of full-body locomotion is going to become a decreasing problem in the VR community. Walking, running, kneeling down, turning around... with your own body, what you see finally matches what you feel. The most realistic gaming experience is now within reach! Roam freely through expansive landscapes in Skyrim or embark on boundless exploration in No Man’s Sky with your own feet until you get tired with satisfaction!

An excellent choice if you're tired of the limitations of room-scale games!

Though the "guardian" mechanism of room-scale games prevents collisions with walls or furniture, the sense of safety comes at the cost of your gaming space and freedom. Prolonged play in a confined area risks triggering VR motion sickness.



If you're one of the sufferers, the KAT Walk C 2 Core will be a big help for breaking out of the boundaries of the guardian prison! The C 2 Core omni-directional VR treadmill grants you 360-degree freedom of endless walking space in the virtual world from a single spot, shielding you from physical collisions while interacting with the VR game environment. Now you can forget the safe zone of reality and step into any games such as Half Life: Alyx, striking down zombies from all directions without inhibition!

A welcomed bonus if you prefer smooth locomotion but struggle with frustrating latency!

Smooth locomotion replicates natural and realistic movements within VR scenarios, offering a more immersive experience compared to teleport locomotion. However, the noticeable latency between movements and visual updates could induce nausea, a common symptom of motion sickness.



Equipped with most advanced 2D foot tracking technology, the sensor system of the C 2 Core maximizes the distance accuracy of your steps to < 0.12 mm and minimizes latency to an imperceptible level of < 10 ms. That said, each of your movements will be under control and you can totally feel complete control of your feet in VR!  Now feel the C 2 Core's capability to synchronize your motion in virtual and reality with 1:1 mapping speed, making "SMOOTH" locomotion a real thing!

All in all, VR gaming should be an enjoyable experience rather than a motion sickness torture that you’ll feel afraid of each time you’d like to try a new game and always end with discomfort, neither should it be a burden that you need to bear with at the cost of your passion for VR. We share your love for VR gaming, so does your dilemma. So we are now here with an all-in-one solution, aiming to end the unhappy experiences caused by VR motion sickness. While it might not be the ultimate solution forever, it's certainly the best available option at present that worth a shot!

We're not boasting; check out what early YouTube adopters of the C 2 Core have to say, and see how could it works with VR motion sickness!