KAT Walk C 2 & 2D Optical Foot Tracking Performance TEST

We are thrilled to showcase our newest technological breakthrough - the Optical 2D Foot Tracking Locomotion System integrated in the KAT Walk C 2 and KAT Walk C 2+. 

With our new technology, the purpose of VR Treadmill becomes something much more than just to increase immersion and reduce the problems of motion sickness and space limitation. If you were thinking that a VR treadmill is a thing for you because you can accept to give up some of the locomotion efficiency to improve your immersion, we have some good news for you. You can have both!

Efficiency of the implemented locomotion system is important in any game and thus we have put our primary focus into making the KAT Walk C 2 shine on that field like no other VR device available.

Just See it for yourself

All of this has been achieved through development of a whole new sensor and algorithm system incorporating some ground-breaking innovations such as 2D optical foot tracking, that allow the KAT Walk C to respond with maximum accuracy and efficiency to each of your actions.

You will find it useful in any type of game that you play – from exploration games and RPGs that may require you to move through narrow spaces and avoid traps and obstacles to multiplayer games that require high precision in each movement that you make. With the C2 you get all of that and much more!

PS: If you wanna get yours, you'd better hurry! KAT Walk C 2 is still available on the Kickstarter but the time is running short! After June 13, it will never be so affordable again!