How To Alleviate VR Motion Sickness By Getting To The Root Of It?

When it comes to Virtual Reality, it usually impresses us with its unparalleled capability to take us onto immersive journeys and the most realistic gaming adventures which we can finally feel a part of! However, for some gamers, the discouraging gap between dreamy expectations and real experience in virtual world caused by Virtual Reality motion sickness has locked their road to VR.


With the popularization of the concept of Metaverse as well as the rapid expanding of the base of VR enthusiasts, the solution for VR motion sickness has become a crying need and gladly, we now do have some effective choices thanks to the continuous endeavor and hardworking from our great developers:)!

But before we move forward, let’s take a quick glance at the factors that could contribute to VR motion sickness:


  • Mismatched sensory information & Sensory disorientation

VR creates a sensory conflict when your eyes perceive motion in the virtual world while your body remains stationary, leading to discomfort. VR can create a disconnect between visual perception and proprioception (body awareness), causing discomfort and disorientation.

  • Latency and lag

Delay between your movements and the corresponding visual updates in the VR environment can disrupt the connection between perception and action.

  • Field of view (FOV)

Limited FOV in VR headsets compared to natural human vision can result in a sense of tunnel vision, making it harder to reconcile visual input with motion.

  • Rapid or unnatural movements

Quick accelerations, decelerations, and rotational movements in VR experiences can disrupt your body's sense of balance and contribute to motion sickness.

  • Environmental factors

Factors such as a hot or stuffy environment, strong odors, low-resolution graphics, flickering screens, or improper calibration can contribute to motion sickness.

  • Simulation sickness susceptibility

Factors like age, previous history of motion sickness, and individual tolerance levels influence the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness in VR.


Basically, these are the most common reasons for VR motion sickness, though not all of them will flock together at the same time to make an individual experience this problem, it is not that easy or even possible to address each of them independently since they might be interrelated to some extent and besides this, it’s not easy for the individuals to figure out the specific reason why they would experience motion sickness when they are in the virtual world:(.


But what if there’s an all-in-one solution that could address most of the problems?

Wouldn’t that be a game changer?


The fundamental solution is already here!

While motion sickness could be addressed in a number of different ways, there is one that does so most effectively, addressing the core of the problems that cause it. Omni-directional VR Treadmills are a complex solution which among many other benefits bring you the freedom from motion sickness, among them  KAT Walk C 2+ would be one that deserves the most notice. 


How could KAT Walk C 2+ help you to relieve VR motion sickness?

The answer hides in its multiple  unique traits:


-Enhanced Sensory Integration & Improved Proprioceptive Feedback

The KAT Walk C 2+ ensures you the full freedom of natural full body locomotion, walking, running, crouching, jumping – all actions that are necessary in the virtual environments but by now could be done only by the hand controllers, can now be realisticallycompleted on the C 2+ without any limitations. All your physical movements align and match with all the visual motion cues in the virtual environment.


Similarly, since your brain receives real-time feedback through your feet and legs when you are walking or running naturally on the treadmill, your body motion awareness arouses and compensates compared to the non-physical experience you get from just a  VR headset and hand controllers. This congruence between visual and physical inputs reduces the sensory conflict and brings a sense of balance to your body, allowing for a more seamless integration of virtual cues and physical movements. As a result, gamers experience a closer correlation between what they see and what they physically perceive, minimizing the likelihood of motion sickness and increasing the immersion at once.


-Imperceptible Latency

The ultra-accurate 2D tracking locomotion system of the KAT Walk C 2+ makes it possible to get all your actions, even the smallest steps instantly captured with 1:1 precision and low latency of ≤10MS. The lower the latency, the more accordant your movements and the corresponding visuals in the VR environment become, and the less likely you are to feel the gap between what you see and what you feel.


Besides, direction discrepancy that commonly happen in VR experience are not a big deal with KAT Walk C 2+! You are free to walk where your body faces and independently look around as in the reality.

The likelihood of VR motion sickness will be immensely reduced as you experience a smoother and more accurate head and body direction separation with maximum accuracy.   


-Gradual Adaption to VR Environments

VR motion sickness can be mitigated through gradual adaptation to virtual environments. Strictly speaking, VR treadmill provides a simulated locomotion experience which imitates the human gait of walking and running. It is achieved by low-friction movement which quickly feels more and more natural with each step that you take and allows you to gradually adapt to the experience. This gradual exposure enables the body and brain to acclimate to the virtual motion over time, reducing the susceptibility to motion sickness.


To sum up, KAT Walk C 2+ offers an all-in-one solution to alleviate VR motion sickness. It does so, offering enhanced sensory integration and improved proprioceptive feedback, as well as ensuring low-latency & precise movement with advanced sensor system. Eventually, it facilitates gradual adaptation to movement in VR environments. While it is still necessary to note that VR motion sickness is a case-by-case thing and VR treadmill is not a panacea for each individual who has been constrained by VR motion sickness, it has the capability to be a real game changer for thousands of gamers experiencing this problem.


If you are one of them and has been yearning for VR adventures, maybe now is the chance for you to make a change!


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