BIG NEWS! KAT VR Wins the iF Reward for Industrial Design of KAT Walk C 2!

KAT VR listed among the 2023 winners of IF Design AwardThe internationally recognized industrial design prize has officially been granted in the past weeks to products with exceptional design. Among them, the KAT VR flagship product - KAT WALK C 2 has been considered as standing out from thousands of other shortlisted works, thanks to its excellent creative design and interactive experience.

What is the iF Design Award?

The iF Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious awards of its type in the entire world. Organized since 1953 by the iF Industrial Design Forum, it has been recognized as a global symbol of quality and has an authoritative affirmation of the outstanding capabilities by global designers. It is awarded to products that are considered to be of outstanding creative idea and design and is thus a badge of trust for consumers and the developer community alike. 


What made the KAT Walk C 2 stand out?

KAT Walk C 2 has been rewarded as a new generation VR Treadmill which not only offers outstanding ergonomic design, but also accommodates many technologies and hi-tech features in an exceptionally elegant and practical way. The device offers much to its users, and brings the new level of quality to the entire Virtual Reality locomotion market. 

More about the KAT Walk C 2 below, as on the description on the IF official website:

We feel absolutely honored to receive the iF reward, and we will continue to improve our product and technology to meet even more needs of VR users to grant them the absolute walking immersion. At the same time, we would like to express our gratitude to each and every KATer for your unwavering support over the years, which is one of the biggest impetuses that keeps us moving forward and strive to make achievements.

Thank you all!

Ps, if you're interested to learn more about the KAT Walk C 2, visit the product page available HERE, or contact us directly at