5 Reasons WHY VR Professionals FELL IN LOVE with Walking in VR!

Exciting news from KAT VR! We are so thrilled to let you know of the recent series of review videos released by the top reputable VR content creators who took a look at our technology and decided to check for you how it actually feels to WALK AND ADVENTURE in VR! 

SPOILER ALLERT: Below, the TOP 5 things that made them FALL IN LOVE with WALKING in VR!

1. Dopamine Boost in VR.

Thrillseeker has been absolutely amazed with not only how much immersion has the ability to move in VR gave him, but also with how it felt on a physical and psychological level to move with your actual body -  'When you run or even just walk, your brain releases endorphins and chemicals and you even perceive the PHYSICAL world differently... Now imagine your brain doing that but for stimuly in a virtual world'. 

Indeed, if the dopamine, endorphins or a real adrenaline boost is what you seek - we've got you covered.


2. Truly a Consumer VR Omni-Directional Treadmill - Providing Infinite Walking Space at Your Home

Cars and Chary took a look at the KAT Walk C construction and acclaimed the miniaturization efforts put into it. 

The compact size makes it truly the first VR treadmill made with consumers in mind and small enough to put in a small apartment like hers, which allows anyone to actually walk, crouch, jump and even run in VR without worrying about the physical space! 



 3. Simplicity of the Software and Hardware Use

A point has been made by both Austin and Cas and Chary who felt
surprised a lot with how little efforts it takes to get started - ‘The software setup is like a breath of fresh air. It’s surprisingly seamless. All I need to do is install one app, the KAT Gateway, pair the KAT WALK C and the two-feet controllers with an USB cable, and I was ready to go!’ - Cas

The software setup from the website is pretty easy! -‘The immersion is pretty amazing when you are walking around in VR! It’s a huge step forward in VR locomotion!’ - Austin



 4. Decoupling the Head and Body Directions

Both the KAT Loco S and the KAT Walk C provide independent head and body direction which allow to move through the virtual worlds in a much more natural manner, but also to get the best experience possible in FPS games, adventure games or RPGs.

And obviously it has a positive impact on the reduction of motion sickness - 
‘Allowing you to independently look around in one direction while walking towards another direction, that’s pretty COOL! Not only increasing immersion but also reducing motion sickness!’ - The Mysticle



5. Comparibility with Every VR Headset and Overall Performance!

Eric for President has been impressed with how much of an experience boost a small accessory as the Loco S can give the users of any major VR headset on the market

‘The Best VR Locomotion Accessory I have tried works with every VR headset out there, was simple to use, and if you're looking for that extra VR Immersion, try the KAT VR Loco S!’ - Eric

We greatly appreciate the efforts that the most reputable VR professionals have put into making these excellent videos covering our technology. And we hope to spread their excitement with the future of VR locomotion.. as it's already HERE! Be sure to check out their videos to get as much as information and advice possible.

And if Wanna try the KAT WALK C & KAT LOCO S by yourself and experience the fantastic VR world with your own eyes then...

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