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In comparison with purely theoretical traditional learning, VR simulations provide a realistic, immersive, and complete experience encoded into brain as a true memory.
As an example, application of virtual reality allows us to significantly raise the awareness of potentially lethal results of a careless attitude to safety regulations. A highly realistic experience of a fall from a construction platform leaves a long-lasting impression. Complimented with a second – more cautious experience based on full compliance with all the necessary safety precautions and leading to a completely different outcome, it is capable of changing the trainee’s attitude in its very core.


KAT VR offers a unique combination of immersive simulations and ground-breaking hardware solutions letting you fully utilize the educational capabilities of virtual environments.
Remember, realistic image is not enough if you can't interact with it in a natural way. Our VR Treadmills bring you a step closer to the the virtual world by increasing the perception of being physically present in a non-physical environment of a training simulation.
Our technology ensures the highest level of gait naturalness and offers a complete freedom in motion providing a truly unparalleled and life-changing VR experience.