Summer Promotion is Here! Special Deals for KAT loco and KAT Fire!

Waiting for the right moment to level up your Virtual Reality experience? The time has come! Get your hands on KAT Loco - a complete wearable VR locomotion system or KAT Fire - a realistic VR Gun controller holder before our summer promotion ends! Only till the end of July, both products are available at special promotional terms!

Buy KAT Loco - Get a FREE Bonus!

Only till the end of July, each purchase of KAT loco will be rewarded with a free bonus. Everyone who gets KAT loco during the summer promotion is going to receive a special VR cable pulley - solution aimed at solving all of your HMD cable problems!

How does it work? 

The pulley is a retractable cable management solution mounted into the ceiling. It will help you forget about your headset cable by pulling it above your head and keeping you safe from getting tangled or stepping onto the wire when turning around. 

This simple solution helps you truly step into a 360 degree VR locomotion experience, and aids KAT loco in granting you the complete freedom in motion!

What is KAT loco?

KAT loco is a foot-based VR locomotion system that grants complete physical control over the lower-body actions, allowing you to freely walk, run, strafe, and carry out just any other movements you might need in your virtual adventures!

Don't wait, and get your KAT loco now, when it comes with the pulley for FREE!

 More information about KAT loco available HERE

Buy KAT Fire and SAVE for a limited time!

Only till the end of July, KAT Fire is available at a promotional price of $36! Get it now and save for a limited time! 

What is KAT Fire?

KAT FIRE is a unique VR Pistol designed for HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro controllers to give you a feeling of holding a true weapon. Deepening immersion, it’ll elevate your experience up to a whole new level and let you become a true shooting master! 

More information about KAT Fire available HERE


Hurry up and don't miss out on our promotional offers! In case of any questions, feel welcome to contact us at global@katvr.com