KAT Shoe Size Guide

Dear Kickstarter supporters of KAT Walk C,

this brief guide includes everything that you need to know about our dedicated shoes, sizing standards, quantity limitations, and more! Refer to it for the most accurate information when choosing your KAT Shoes.

What are the KAT Walk C Dedicated Shoes?

KAT Walk C dedicated shoes are a pair of cutting-edge footwear designed specifically for use with the world's first personal VR treadmill! In order to ensure the highest level of gait naturalness and at the same time, allow for a certain level of friction customization, we have designed the KAT Walk C dedicated shoes using a combination of high and low friction materials applied on different parts of the shoe sole depending on the requirements of the different phases of the gait cycle, and incorporated a solution allowing the user to adjust the maximum friction level to own walking habits!

How many pairs are available to each Kickstarter user?

Each unit of KAT Walk C comes with one pair of our dedicated shoes. Additionally, every supporter can get an additional pair by adding $69 (Kickstarter discounted price) directly to the pledge. Currently, we can provide two additional pair / KAT Walk C unit. If you're interested in getting more pairs, just let us know! We will do our best to look for a solution allowing us to deliver them to you without additional shipping costs.

What are the available sizes?

Our dedicated shoes are available in 12 standard sizes. In order to make things easier, we are going to refer to only one shoe standard - KAT Size. For your reference, on the table below you can see which KAT Size fits your feet according to your local sizing standard. 

 In case of further questions, please contact us at global@katvr.com