Own KAT loco? Get KAT loco S 60% off!

We are thrilled to announce some great news for all of the Virtual Reality enthusiasts who have trusted KAT VR and chosen the KAT loco VR locomotion system in the past! If you have a set of your own KAT loco, check out the super gift offer that we have prepared just for you!

Level up with the KAT loco S

Some of you may have already heard about our second-generation locomotion system, the KAT loco S. We are excited to let you know that all of our previous clients are invited to level up together with us, and are therefore gifted a special opportunity to get the new loco S worth $229... 60% OFF, for just $89

What is the KAT loco S?

KAT loco S is a second-generation device of the loco series that advances on many fields and brings in the newest technological innovations into the VR locomotion experience.

  • Second-Generation Motion Sensors 
Loco S is equipped with the newest gait detection technology for the highest accuracy in Virtual Reality games and simulated environments.


  • Second-Generation Decoupled Directions

The second-gen. sensor also provides maximum directional precision in virtual body orientation.


  • Plug & Play Setup

Simplified use without any initial magnetic calibration procedures. Just plug it in and dive into VR. 


  • Instant Calibration 

Fast and smooth directional calibration which can now be carried out within just 1 second with a single click of a button. 


  • Reduced Battery Drainage on Standby

For saving the planet and your wallet – now up to 50 days of sensor battery life on standby.


  • Magnetic-Interference Resistance

For ultra-stable performance regardless of the external interference factors

More about the KAT loco S here:

How to level up? Everything you need to know!

We have prepared a special system just for you to help you smoothly get into the next level! If you would like to grab the opportunity to get the new loco S, just contact us at and follow the steps below:

- Get in touch and send us the serial number of your KAT loco.

- Get the new loco S for just $89 + your original KAT loco set. 

- Send us your original KAT loco and provide the delivery number (We will provide you an address to send your KAT loco to. With the help of our local distributors we'll control the delivery cost and keep it at the minimum)

We'll send you the loco S right after getting the tracking information.

- Cover the delivery and wait for your new loco S to arrive.

- Dive into the second-generation VR adventures!

Thank you again for your strong support and trust! We wouldn’t be where we are if not for you!

Team KAT VR.