MOCAP is Now Available for FREE to Each KAT Loco User!

We are excited to announce that the MOCAP (Motion Capture) function for VR Chat is now operational and available with the standard set of KAT loco! If you’re a backer of our Kickstarter campaign and have already received your set, be sure to give it a try! If not, you can place an order directly on our website. And if you’re hesitating, just continue reading!

What is the MOCAP?

MOCAP is an additional function that we decided to develop for KAT loco, following the feedback and suggestions of our Kickstarter community. This means that apart from the foot-controlled VR locomotion which is the main idea behind our system, your loco will also allow you to take control over your lower body in VR Chat.

This way you’ll be able to freely walk around with the location tracking of your headset set for Roomscale and have the movement of your legs translated into motion in VR Chat by our algorithm. With MOCAP, you can unleash the physical capabilities of your legs and walk, run or even dance in the virtual world.

How does it work?

When you place the KAT loco sensors above your knees, they will be capable of detecting the pitch and roll of your thigs. It allows our system to literally translate the angles and movement of your legs into relevant actions in the game. All you need to do is to provide our software with the basic information about your lower body to allow it for more precise calculations.

MOCAP System for VR Chat is available under Locomotion Modes. Before use, be sure to set correct values for each parameter. Remember, our system works based on an algorithm and therefore correct setup is crucial for its correct operation.

MOCAP Parameters:

A: Distance from the waist sensor to the ground

B: Distance from one leg sensor to the other (when using MOCAP, you should fix them about 5 cm above your knees).

C: Distance from your crotch to knees

D: Distance from your knees to the ground

Be sure to read more about KAT loco here, and if you would like to ask some additional questions, feel welcome to contact us at global@katvr.com!