Lucky KAT Walk C buyers - Nov 30

Congratulations to 20 lucky KATers who purchased the KAT Walk C on November 30 and have been rewarded with the maximum discount! Special congrats to one of you who won the KAT Walk C for FREE!!!

1. D. Pay**** - USA;
2. H. Nag******* - Japan;
3. R. Bom********** - India;
4. D. Spr**** - USA;
5. S. Bur*** - USA;
6. G. Tay**** - France
7. A. Mul****** - Germany
8. N. Nak***** - Japan;
9. P. Ten**** - USA;
10. I. Kar****** - Russia;
11. B. Sta***** - USA;
12. T. Mor*** - USA;
13. I. Nas****** - Israel
14. G. L** - UK
15. A. Pat**** - Germany;
16. M. And**** - USA;
17. M. W*** Tr********** - UK;
18. V. Mik*** - USA;
19. T. Ros******* - UK
20. A. Chr********* - Denmark

The price difference will be refunded to you and you will get your KAT Walk C at the lowest price of only $1010 - Congratulations! A member of our team will get in touch with you in the following days to arrange the price refund. 

And the lucky winner of the KAT Walk C is.... H. Su**** from Korea! CONGRATULATIONS! 

Special thanks to everyone else who purchased the KAT Walk C on the Black Week! May the luck be with you next time!