KAT Walk mini Omni-Directional VR Treadmill Now Even 50% OFF!

We’re thrilled to announce that KAT Walk mini – the world’s most compact  Omni-Directional VR Treadmill is now available up to 50% OFF! Don’t miss out on the hottest VR deal of this year and check out how to get a VR treadmill for the lowest price on the market.


During the promotion, we're introducing a special tiered discount. Unlocked level of discount depends on the total number of KAT Walk mini treadmills ordered globally. The higher the total order in March, the lower the final price of each KAT Walk mini purchased all over the world.

Moreover, each KAT Walk mini purchased within the promotion period (First round: March 1st – March 31st / Second round: April 1st – April 30th) will be rewarded with FREE CIF Delivery


For team KAT VR you are all winners! That’s why even a single order will be rewarded with at least 15% price discount and FREE CIF Delivery. Detailed information about the discount levels is available below:


All you need to do is place a pre-order in our official Alibaba store (Click HERE). When ordering, you’ll be asked for a pre-payment of $500. The remaining sum should be paid after Apr 30th and the final price will depend on the unlocked discount tier. Each unit purchased during the promotion will be granted FREE CIF Shipping.


All the participants are welcome to follow our social media channels and join the official Facebook groups – 'KAT VR - Arcade & Business Community' and ‘KAT VR – Friends and Customers’ where we are going to post regular updates about the unlocked discount levels in different countries. Just place an order, join the group and watch the price drop over time!

Should you have any questions, you can always reach us through social media or directly at global@katvr.com

Don’t forget to let others know you joined the promotion!


Having doubts? You can resign at any point before May 1st (For the first round) and May 1st (For the second round). Participation in the promotion event is completely safe for your wallet. If the final price at the end of the promo does not reach your expected discount level, you can get a full refund of the initial deposit.

Click HERE to visit our Alibaba store and submit your refundable deposit!

The above promotion does not apply to areas of exclusive distribution:

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Japan and United States

CIF Delivery

According to the international standards, CIF shipping covers insurance and product delivery from the country of origin to the designated port. Further fees are covered by the receiver.


Update 10 - Apr. 21st

Update 9 - Apr. 17th

Update 8 - Apr. 13th

Update 7 - Apr. 7th 

Update 6 - Apr. 1st - SECOND ROUND OPENS


UPDATE 4 - March 31st

UPDATE 3 - March 25th

UPDATE 2 - March 15th

UPDATE 1 - March 10th



KAT Walk mini is the world’s first non-restrictive Omni-Directional VR Treadmill – A device that allows for 360° of unbound physical actions in non-physical environments of virtual reality games and simulations.

Our treadmill is a complete VR solution, optimized for the needs and expectations of virtual reality arcades, training centers, professionals and other most demanding VR users.

Application of an Omni-Directional Treadmill allows for free exploration of the virtuality on one’s own feet. It grants infinite walking space integrated into its compact construction and accessible at even the smallest spaces.


Omni-Directional Treadmill (ODT) makes movement within VR not only more realistic but also much more instinctive what effectively increases user immersion and reduces motion sickness.

It grants a completely new, enhanced virtual reality experience that is no match for traditional VR locomotion solutions such as teleportation, thumbstick or Free Roam with Roomscale.


With KAT Walk mini you receive a complete plug & play solution optimized for minimum staff requirements and maximum use of your limited physical space. Our Omni-Directional treadmill explicitly stands out among other VR LBE Solutions available on the market both in terms of its price/unit and the solution versatility and completeness.

  • Smart and safe ergonomics

The smart design is constantly reacting to every move so that it will balance the player when walking and cleverly adapt to allow for safe crouching and many other physical actions. 

  • Cushioned surface

Our shock-absorbing surface provides the necessary cushioning to protect the user's knees and allow for longer gaming sessions with no risks

  • Adaptive tension design

The KAT Walk mini’s adaptive tension design accommodates a wide variety of different body types. Anyone ranging from 140-195cm and weighing up to 130kg can use KAT Walk mini without the need to change any components

  • Maximum customer capacity – Maximum profit

KAT Walk mini doesn’t require any complicated preparation procedures. Get your customers ready for their experience in no time and serve more visitors to maximize your profit margin.

  • Small and compact

Make the best use of your limited area. Each KAT Walk mini requires slightly above a square meter of physical space.

  • Own management platform

KAT Walk mini is a complete solution that comes with its own software management platform.

  • Integration with SynthesisVR and SpringboardVR

KAT Walk mini can be also managed through SynthesisVR and SpringboardVR platforms making the management of your VR arcade as simple as it gets

  • Varied virtual reality content

Over 15 carefully selected multiplayer & single player titles deeply integrated with KAT Walk mini. In addition, full support for all SteamVR Free Locomotion games


Sounds interesting? Learn more about KAT Walk mini HERE.

Or visit our Alibaba store to place an order HERE.