KAT VR – Promotional Offer for VR Developers

Only by the end of October , the KAT VR professional virtual reality equipment is available at a fraction of the original price! Read more about the special offer that we have prepared specifically to address the needs of Virtual Reality developers, and other commercial and professional adopters of Virtual Reality technologies.

In order to show our deep appreciation to everyone who pushes the local Virtual Reality market forward, each purchase of our business solutions made before the end of October will be rewarded with a special price, free CIF delivery and more!


Each purchase of the KAT Walk mini in October will be rewarded with a price discount, which stacks up to 40% based on the order quantity. Contact us at global@katvr.com for a detailed pricing list. Moreover, each KAT Walk mini purchase from October will be rewarded with Free CIF delivery which covers the treadmill sea freight and insurance, letting you save additional few hundred USD!

2. Free Software Development Kit

We have designed the KAT SDK kit to serve as a universal tool to any virtual reality developers interested in content integration and adaptation of our products to their needs. The process has been simplified to ensure minimum technical skill requirement, and the complete integration with our equipment can be completed in only a matter of hours!

And what’s important, by placing an order for KAT Walk mini before the end of October you can get our Software Development Kit for free


Each developer who places an order during the promotion period will also receive a sample of our business application content. The library of currently available simulations that we offer includes content such as:           

            - Fire Safety Drills

            - Natural Disaster Prevention Simulations

            - School Safety Training

            - Public Traffic Safety Simulation

            - Construction Site Safety Simulation

            - Vocational Training

For more information about the available content, please contact us at global@katvr.com

About KAT Walk mini

KAT Walk mini is the world’s first Non-Restrictive Omni-Directional VR treadmill – A mechanical device which allows for infinite physical actions and movement in non-physical Virtual Reality environments, carried out from a single spot in reality.

It is a ground-breaking solution, tailor-made for professional Virtual Reality adopters. The KAT Walk mini completely changes the way Virtual Reality is experienced, bringing the Human-VR interaction up to a whole new level, and opening new doors in all research fields and industries such as gaming, education, entertainment, tourism, industrial projects, skill training and much more!

Complete Package Tailor-Made for VR Developers

KAT Walk mini is the most advanced VR ODT available on the market, and one that’s deeply optimized for commercial use. By purchasing the KAT Walk mini, you do not acquire a piece of equipment. You acquire a complete solution including:

  • Cutting-Edge Hardware
  • Business-Dedicated Software Platform
  • Software Development Kit
  • Complete After-Sales Service

Maximum Use of Minimum Space

Our equipment is optimized for efficient use of limited physical spaces. With our Omni-Directional Treadmills, you can carry out a variety of virtual reality projects without worrying about rental costs and other regular expenses. KAT Walk mini solves one of the main problems of modern VR application, offering unlimited walking space in VR on limited space in reality.

Minimum Staff Requirements

You’ll be able to cut your costs and maximize the profit margin thanks to low equipment maintenance and management costs. There are no consumable components, and multiple KAT Walk mini units can be easily controlled by just one person operating the entire system of multiple treadmills with a single computer.

Since released on the market in 2018, KAT Walk mini has been successfully implemented world-wide in multiple fields. All of that happened because of a single reason – our solution offers the highest level of quality / cost ratio and grants a high return on investment.

Learn more!

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at global@katvr.com or simply visit our official website at www.kat-vr.com for additional information about the product.

The discounted offer is only available by the end of October 2020.