KAT loco VR Locomotion System Now on Sale!

The thumbstick era is over! Now it is time to physically walk in the Virtual Reality environments. It is time to level up your VR locomotion experience with the KAT loco! Get your own set of the world's first complete, wearable VR locomotion system by the end of September and save 15% on the KAT loco and all the related accessories.

Only from September 1 to September 30, each buyer of the KAT loco will be given a discounted price for KAT loco, the UPAD carpet, and KAT Fire. Get them now and level up your VR gaming experience!

What is KAT loco?

KAT loco is a walk-on-spot VR locomotion system that grants complete physical control over the lower-body actions, allowing you to freely walk, run, strafe, and carry out just any other movements you might need in your virtual adventures!

It breaks the space limitation of Virtuality, letting you carry out infinite physical actions and continuous movement on your own legs in non-physical VR environments from a single physical spot in reality. By giving the control over locomotion back to your legs as in the real life, it also frees your hands from controlling the body movement, letting them focus entirely on manual interactions. 

 More information about KAT loco available HERE

What is KAT Fire?

KAT FIRE is a unique VR Pistol designed for HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro controllers, purposed to give the player a feeling of holding a true weapon. It was designed with the help of former soldiers to ensure close resemblance to guns used on the modern field of battle.  Increasing the realism, it’ll deepen your immersion and elevate the virtual reality shooting experience up to a whole new level!

More about KAT Fire HERE

What is the UPAD carpet?

UPAD is a dedicated VR gaming carpet designed for use with KAT loco. Its main purpose is to help the VR player with spatial orientation. Through slight ground level difference, it allows you to easily notice whenever you leave the safe gaming spot. By effectively keeping you in place, it will increase your safety and greatly improve the VR experience.

Buy now and don’t miss out on our promotional offer! In case of any questions, feel welcome to contact us at global@katvr.com