Loco S Now Up To 50% Off.. Or Even FREE!

KAT loco S - Our second generation Walk-On-Spot VR Locomotion System is now on Super Sale. Virtual Reality enthusiasts seeking a more immersive and intuitive way to move in VR with foot control of VR locomotion can now get a set as low as 50% off the original price or even FOR FREE! 

Limited Discount Coupons

Only until September 30, the Loco S will be available from 25% to even 50% Off (with extra discount coupons available below). The additional coupons stack with a basic -25% discount and should be used together with it to reduce the price up to -50%. 

However! Do bare in mind that the additional coupons are all quantity limited! To get the best discount you have to act fast and claim it before others! Missed one of the coupons? Try luck with the next one before it runs out!

Get the Loco S with the below discount coupons here: https://www.kat-vr.com/products/kat-loco-s

*Discount only applies to the KAT Loco S itself and the Loco S dedicated mat. It does not apply to the optional items of PlayStation VR adapter and 2-Year Extended warranty service fee.


There are more good news! 10 lucky VR enthusiasts who purchase the Loco S before September 30 will be refunded the total cost and receive their order completely for FREE. The winners will be chosen randomly from everyone who gets the Loco S during the promotion period. 

To ensure full transparency, we are going to chose the winners publicly!

Each Loco S order will be given a unique number (you are going to be informed about your order number after making a purchase). On October 10, we are going to use a special bot application to choose 10 random numbers on a public Discord Server (You will be sent a link to view the competition).

To get a chance for winning the Loco S, you should order it directly from our official website: https://www.kat-vr.com/products/kat-loco-s


Remember! The Loco S promotion ends on September 30 and early birds get the highest discount! In case of any questions, get in touch with the KAT VR team at global@katvr.com




The loco S is a foot-controlled VR Locomotion system that unlocks your legs in Virtual Reality! Enabling infinite movement in VR via physical walk on the spot, the Loco S brings a more realistic and intuitive way to move through virtual environments making gaming more immersive and exciting than ever!

More about the KAT Loco S directly on the official website: https://www.kat-vr.com/products/kat-loco-s