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Good news for Virtual Reality enthusiasts awaiting the right time to get their hands on their very own VR treadmill. The KAT Walk C and KAT Walk mini are now on sale. Don't miss out on the greatest chance to get the KAT VR products off price or even for FREE. This offer will not last long!


KAT VR Virtual Reality Treadmills Off Price:

Only from March 1 to March 31, the KAT Walk C and KAT Walk mini are available at a special, time-limited discount. This is the lowest you could ever get our products!

The discount for KAT VR Omni-Directional Treadmills is tiered (there are multiple levels), and the current discount level depends on the total number of orders for specific product placed by the members of our Facebook group – KAT VR Friends and Customers (Click here to enter).

Moreover, members of our Facebook group will get additional 5% off the discounted price!

Please refer to the table below for more information about the discount levels, as well as the information of the currently unlocked discount (marked green):

The current discount level will be announced within the Facebook group. The members who already placed the orders can sign up under the group announcement to keep track on the current discount level and the missing orders to unlock the next tiers

The following regions are excluded from the discount promotion due to local exclusive distribution: United States of America, Germany, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Discount Lottery and Giveaways!

There is more! Members of our Facebook Group will get the chance to WIN ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT CODES or even KAT VR products completely for FREE!

Only between March 1 and March 20, we are going to share random value discount codes at random time directly within our Facebook group. The rule is simple – first to use them claims the reward!

  1. Discount codes for KAT loco S should be used directly at checkout on our official website. The first to use the code claims the discount (Click here to view the product information)
  2. Discount code for the KAT Walk C is claimed by replying to the post in which we share the code. The first person to respond claims the reward!

The discount code of the KAT Walk C can be given to another person (You should contact us to let us know the name of the person you pass the code to) but has to be used before June 30.

If you’re lucky you can get some of our products including the KAT Walk C completely for FREE!

The rules are the same as above – the first person to use the code or respond to the post claims the reward!

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How to place an order?

Fill in the contact form on any of our website pages or contact us at global@katvr.com

We’ll get back to you with more details, shipping time estimates to your region and other information. When actually placing the order, send us your Facebook profile name so we could count the current discount level.

Once the final level of unlocked discount is confirmed on March 31, you will be refunded the difference between the final discount price and the price you paid at time of purchase.



Wondering which of our products fits you more? Check out the information below and learn what makes each of them unique:

KAT Walk C is the world’s first personal VR Omni-Directional Treadmill – A consumer generation VR locomotion device that allows for 360 degrees of human motion, creating infinite movement area in VR on minimum physical space in reality. It’s the most innovative VR walking solution dedicated entirely to gamers and adapted to home use!

The KAT Walk C offers great level of experience customization to a specific user:

  • Two versions – Large and Medium to fit your specific body shape better
  • Adjustable Shoes granting 4 different levels of friction and allowing you to adapt the experience to your own specific walking habits and proficiency with using of the device. Adjust them for the most natural walking experience available!
  • Consumer-grade software granting maximum control of the experience and great adjustability to your personal preferences!
  • MORE

Check out the product page on our official website – Click HERE


KAT Walk mini is a professional grade Omni-Directional treadmill with great adaptivity to multiple users. A great choice for the consumers who are going to share their device with many other friends and family members. The KAT Walk mini offers multiple enhancements that make it a true one-device fits all solution.

  • Built in sensor allowing you to use the device without the dedicated shoes (Single slipperiness level of the walking platform for every user).
  • One-Size-Fits-All ergonomic design.
  • Professional-grade product software that offer easy device management and experience adjustability to different users.

Check out the product page on our official website – Click HERE

Or you can contact us to learn more and place an order! 
Join the group and fill in the inquiry contact form on the official website 

Remember – the time is ticking! Don’t miss out on the chance to get the world’s most advanced Virtual Reality locomotion systems for a bargain!