7 Reasons to Join KAT loco Challenge & WIN $500 - [31 Days Left]

Dear Katters!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has already joined or is planning to join our ongoing challenge! Your participation means the world to us and sets a good example for the entire VR community at times of the global epidemy. You're breathtaking!

At the same time, we'd like to encourage all the other users of KAT loco to give it a shot and join the challenge - You still have 31 days to do it and our awards are waiting for you! 

What is it about?

We have decided to host a video challenge aimed to let others know that at least for the time being, we choose the adventures and wonders of the virtual world over these we can find out our homes. Join in and help us promote a socially responsible attitude towards the coronavirus counteracting!

 Of course, we have prepared something to reward you for your efforts:

REWARDS (Steam Gift Cards)

Still hesitating? Here are some good reasons why you SHOULD give it a try:

 1. Join a GOOD Cause!

By joining in, you can help us promote a responsible attitude towards the current crisis and support the recommendations of the World Health Organization as well as many other scientific authorities calling for the global population to avoid going out! 

Remember - every time you persuade someone to remain at home... a baby coronavirus (or a 5G tower if you're into conspiracies) dies! 

 2. WIN up to 500 Dollars!

If the good cause isn't enough, you can earn enough money for dozens of new games by.. well, PLAYING GAMES! Isn't that the dream?

 3. EVERYONE stands the chance!

You don't need to be a professional streamer to become a winner! We have not only prepared additional rewards for the most interesting videos, setups or gameplays, but also 20 more rewards that will be distributed completely randomly among the participants! That means EVERYONE has a high chance to win!

 4. Stay Fit!

At times like this, when many of us are under a complete lockdown or simply choose to remain home, it is especially important to pick up some regular physical activity. 

Did you know you can burn over 320 calories / hour by playing with KAT loco? Yes, that's almost 4,500 calories within two weeks of regular gaming sessions. And that's a pretty good reason to join the challenge and play with loco for 14 days in May. 

 5. Contribute to Virtual Reality Growth!

Virtual Reality is still a developing industry. Just a few years back we were all excited to hear about the very first consumer HMDs. Today, we're playing the new Half-Life in VR.

But the real boom for virtual reality is yet to come. And each VR gameplay, each VR video, and each VR channel no matter how small takes us a step closer!

6. Share your passion with others!

Who knows how many VR enthusiasts you may already have among your friends? Let them know you're a real VR junkie too!

7. Most importantly - Get safely through these times of struggle!

No matter where you live and what is the current situation in your region, it is always very important to remain careful! Take good care of yourself and until the world goes back to normal, choose safe, indoor entertainment.. 

And let's be honest - what's better entertainment than VR gaming. Especially now that you can EARN on it!?

Wanna learn more and join in? Learn more about the challenge --> https://www.kat-vr.com/blogs/news/join-kat-loco-stayathome-challenge-win-hundreds-of-usd

PS: If you'd like to help us improve KAT loco and share your honest feedback about it, please take a few minutes of your time to fill our brief survey -> https://forms.gle/wtQ5hfM4DzCJww1J9

Your answers will help us tremendously with the development of new functions and further optimization of KAT loco.

Meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy your VR adventures with KAT loco!